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Why Ethos?

‘Ethos’ is the guiding principle or character/spirit of a person or organization. It’s the ‘why’ that fuels your decision-making.

Our Ethos is transparency. We believe in the truth—in the data. How does this translate to our consulting? We are real. We show you exactly how the healthcare system works and how to finally put you in the driver’s seat of your healthcare spend.

Together, we integrate your data with your own company’s Ethos to create a powerful multi-year healthcare strategy.

Our fiduciary financial background, coupled with novel technology and dynamic communication means a fresh benefits experience for you and your employees. You can take back control of your cost and provide more for the families who rely on your healthcare decisions.


Get to know us

Meet the architects of Ethos Benefits


Donovan Ryckis

Employee Benefits Consultant & Fiduciary, CEO


Chelsea Ryckis

Employee Benefits Consultant, President


What our partners have to say

"When we started talking with Ethos Benefits, we didn’t think we had any problems with the cost of our insurance package. Premiums were increasing year by year, but we were led to believe we had competitive rates and there were no better options. Working with Ethos has reduced our premium costs and improved benefits for our employees, giving them more access to care and reducing copays. I would highly recommend Ethos to any employer, regardless of where they think they currently stand."

- Farzin Farahmand 

Expect something different

You and your employees deserve to know the truth. Are your renewal increases justified? How does your Benefits Consultant get paid? How do your benefits compare to industry competitors? What is the quality score of the provider your employees are choosing to see?

Most importantly, is there a way to do this better?

The answer is yes.

Above all, we are committed to helping you make financially-focused and data-driven decisions that result in a meaningful benefits program for your employees.

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