Finally. Benefits your CFO and HR can both get excited about.

A fiduciary approach to meaningful benefits.

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Get a new approach to benefits

We do our best work with employers who want more out of their benefits programs. The ones who truly see benefits as a way to enhance their business culture and employee satisfaction, ultimately benefiting the company as a whole. They want their benefits to mean something to their employees and SAY something about them as a company.

The employer-sponsored healthcare system can be exhausting. Playing a game of “jumping carriers and increasing deductibles” feels like playing in a game you can’t possibly win. We all know healthcare is too expensive and employees are rarely satisfied. Are you looking for a new approach to benefits?

  • An open enrollment process that saves time and integrates with payroll.
  • HR support and solutions for everyone to be successful in their roles.
  • Transparent advising to get a handle on the rising costs of healthcare.

Expect something more

We advise our clients on a different and better way to make benefits financially sustainable and culturally empowering. At the core of our philosophy, we empower you to grow and adapt your benefits program with your business as your needs and your company evolve.

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Richer and well-rounded plans

Costs of insurance are a source of frustration and insecurity, but the cost of doing nothing is too great for you and the families you protect. We develop well-rounded plans and programs that are the first line of financial protection and defense for your team.

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Educated and confident company culture

Employee attraction and retention have never been more challenging. We create a benefits program that reflects your company’s values and creates educated and confident employees.

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Strategic and controlled empowerment

When employees are unsure how their benefits package works, they are left confused and frustrated, leading to employer-led reactive approaches to plan management. We guide you toward a controlled strategy to empower your employees.

We help create a positive impact

Everything is new. The insurance landscape and industry is changing. How will you know if you’re on the right path? Ethos is committed to being experts in our industry and is only committed to change if it’ll positively impact your employees.

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We break down the process and progress into manageable steps.
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We flex the pace and cadence, educating you to the point of caring and understanding.
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We’ll show you a path to operational and financial ROI.


What our partners have to say

"When we started talking with Ethos Benefits, we didn’t think we had any problems with the cost of our insurance package. Premiums were increasing year by year, but we were led to believe we had competitive rates and there were no better options. Working with Ethos has reduced our premium costs and improved benefits for our employees, giving them more access to care and reducing copays. I would highly recommend Ethos to any employer, regardless of where they think they currently stand."

- Farzin Farahmand 

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