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The Ethos approach and experience

To experience Ethos is to feel supported. From the first conversation to the day-to-day benefits management, our client experience uses proactive, data-driven, and culture-focused methods. We take our responsibilities to you seriously, knowing no other program in a business can impact employees' financial, emotional, and physical well-being more than employee benefits.

To experience Ethos is to feel empowered. We help you see the truth of the healthcare industry, so this transparency can help you make sustainable decisions. You have a team supporting you, building your confidence every step of the way, and making sure you have the latest industry knowledge. We have your back and are always honest and transparent, to show you the potential for a new and better benefits experience.

Partner with us


Discovery call

On this call, we learn about your goals and what you want to accomplish with your group insurance and employee benefits.



Next, we take a deep dive into your current data and technology, analyzing it to help us make the best decision on how to move forward.


Alignment plan

After analyzing the data, we put together a final presentation showing our plan of action and recommendations.


Kick-off meeting

Finally, we schedule an implementation call to confirm carrier and plan choices, including employer contributions, carrier paperwork, and open enrollment logistics.

Our services and offerings

Plan design

Using data-driven decisions to make the most impact, we work with you to build a customized healthcare and benefits strategy that reflects your company's values.


Where have you been, and where are you today? Using at least five years of historical benefits plan data, the Ethos team will dig into your benefits program's quantitative and qualitative trends. 


Our team will leave no stone unturned when it comes to searching for your best benefits options. We pursue fully insured, level-funded, or self-funded proposals and compile our findings and recommendations into a clean, easy-to-understand benefits proposal.


What’s the measurement for success in your benefits and healthcare plan? We revisit the transparency we’ve talked about throughout the process and show you our compensation using our Ethos Compensation Disclosure.

Plan and company support

Having Ethos by your side is having a whole other team supporting you. Our plans and company support keep you up-to-date and put valuable time back into your day.

Claims analysis

We monitor incoming claims and use this data to adjust cost containment strategies for each client.

Integrated compliance

With our compliance solutions/tools, we ensure our clients have completed all required forms and documentation promptly to stay in compliance with federal and state employment regulations.

Benefits administration technology with payroll integrations

Our state-of-the-art benefits administration platform allows your business to centralize all its internal HR efforts while providing a modern enrollment experience for employees.

HR access

The Ethos all-in-one HR tool lets employers take the guesswork out of HR and compliance so that clients can manage workplace challenges confidently and efficiently.

Ethos Experience check-ins

Have optional biweekly Zoom calls with your dedicated account manager. They are present to assist you with ongoing service requests or any proactive initiatives you desire.

Employee support

We know how much you care about your employees. We put the same care into working and advocating for them to help them be happy and satisfied.

Eligibility processing

Ethos manages new hires, terminations, and qualifying life events and ensures that carriers are notified, giving precious time back to HR/administrators.

Annual communications plan

With our personalized messaging campaigns, we engage employees year-round to utilize their benefits and guide them to making informed decisions regarding their healthcare.

Claims advocacy

We work on behalf of the employee and employer to assist with any claims on all lines of coverage to protect the plan dollars and maintain a positive employee experience.

Online benefits guide

Employees are accustomed to going to Google or the internet to fulfill most of their needs. An online benefits guide allows employees and their family members to access their benefits 24/7.

Nurse concierge

With this revolutionary approach to total wellness, employees have access to a nurse concierge who can advise them on treatment and obtain quality scores for current practitioners. The nurses act as a guide for the employees, protecting their financial and physical interests.


What our partners have to say

"Ethos Benefits has been our benefits agent/broker since 2017…and I can’t imagine working with anyone else! Every member of the Ethos staff is responsive, knowledgeable, supportive, and delightful, and always available for consultation when needed. Enrollment via Employee Navigator is very easy for our employees, and equally so for me as the benefits administrator, with the user-friendly, progressive technology capable of integration with our HR system. This makes communication during our open enrollment period efficient, as employees receive emails, voicemails and/or text communications both before and after open enrollment as personal needs and requests dictate.

I have worked with many benefits companies over the years, and I can honestly say that Ethos Benefits is the only one that has been a true pleasure!"

- Leslie Koontz, HR Director | XACT Acquisition  LLC

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