For many Americans, navigating the healthcare system is a confusing and frustrating experience. We're bombarded with bills that seem arbitrary, and the overall cost of healthcare keeps rising far faster than inflation. But a new documentary produced by our very own Chelsea and Donovan Ryckis, "It's Not Personal, It's Just Healthcare," challenges the very foundation of what we think we know about healthcare costs.

The documentary opens with a surprising fact: the healthcare industry can be far less transparent than the financial sector. This bold and tenacious movement expresses shock at the lack of clear pricing information compared to the world of health benefits. In this film, you'll also hear Chelsea share her heartbreaking story of medical debt after a brain injury, highlighting the human cost of this lack of transparency.

This film boldly exposes crucial information that insurance companies and the brokers that serve them sell to the public, namely that there's no such thing as a set price for a medical procedure. The truth is that the cost depends entirely on who's paying the bill. This lack of standardization and transparency has created a system where some pay far more than others for the same service. This has to change.

There IS a better way.

This documentary wasn't produced only to point fingers – it offers solutions. We believe the key to unlocking change lies with employers, who often spend millions on healthcare plans without fully understanding where the money goes. By asking better questions about pricing and demanding transparency, employers can influence the system and potentially secure better deals for their employees, ultimately lowering their costs to support employee claims.

The film also brings to the table that this isn't just about saving money – it's about improving care. Employers who embrace transparency can not only design plans with lower deductibles and out-of-pocket costs, but they can access provider quality data, leading to better health outcomes for their workforce. When human capital and securing top-notch talent is crucial, offering affordable and easy to understand benefit packages can create an uptick in tenure.

"It's Not Personal, It's Just Healthcare"  is a call to action. The tide is turning, with a growing demand for a more transparent and affordable healthcare system. The documentary empowers viewers to take control and fight for a system that works for everyone. Don't wait another day –  join the movement for change in healthcare and watch it HERE!

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