In today's competitive job market, offering a robust benefits package is no longer a differentiator; it's an expectation. Yet, many companies struggle with low employee engagement in their benefits programs, leaving valuable resources underutilized. The result? Frustration on both sides – employees missing out on crucial support and employers failing to maximize their investment in employee well-being.

So, how do we bridge this gap and get employees actively participating in their benefits programs? Here are some key strategies HR executives can implement:


Personalize Your Communication:

One size doesn't fit all. Ditch the generic benefits booklets and adopt a personalized approach. Leverage communications technology to segment your workforce based on demographics, life stages, and employment status. Tailor communications to highlight the benefits most relevant to each group. For example, young employees might be interested in student loan repayment programs, while parents may prioritize dependent care options. Be sure to only send communications about specific benefits to employees actively enrolled in those benefits during the plan year. At Open Enrollment you can educate on all available benefits, but do not clutter the inbox or text messages of your employees with benefits information they can’t use because they are not enrolled in those products. 


Embrace "Micro-Learning" with Engaging Content:

Gone are the days of lengthy enrollment guides buried deep in intranets. Create bite-sized, engaging content in various formats – infographics, short videos, interactive quizzes – to explain benefits in a clear and concise way. Utilize social media platforms and internal communication channels to deliver these messages, making information easily accessible and digestible. At Ethos Benefits we encourage our employers to have someone on their team record a quick video explaining the high level benefit decisions made for the new plan year. From there, the education year round follows suit with a 60 second video that maintains the attention of employees.


Gamify Wellness and Benefits Education:

Think beyond traditional enrollment periods. Foster year-round engagement with gamified wellness challenges that incentivize healthy habits. Award points for completing health screenings, participating in health education webinars, or achieving fitness goals. Integrate these challenges with benefits enrollment, encouraging employees to explore different plan options. Ethos Benefits uses a fun trivia platform with giveaways at Open Enrollment or during quarterly employee advocacy webinars to add some much needed energy and fun into insurance.


Prioritize Ongoing Employee Feedback:

Engagement is a two-way street. Regularly solicit feedback from employees about their benefits experience. Conduct surveys, host focus groups, and create open communication channels to gather insights. Use this feedback to refine your communications strategy and adapt benefit offerings to better meet employee needs. Ethos Benefits has a proprietary technology that captures this information in real time when employees engage.


Highlight Testimonials & Success Stories:

Showcase how your benefits programs have positively impacted employees' lives. Share employee testimonials or success stories through internal communication channels. This not only personalizes the benefits but also demonstrates the value of actively participating in the program.


Investing in employee engagement with benefits programs is a win-win. By implementing these strategies, HR can empower their workforce to make informed choices, improve overall well-being, and foster a culture of appreciation for the benefits offered. Remember, engaged employees are happier, healthier, and more productive – a recipe for organizational success.

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