Finding the right partner to navigate the complexities of employee benefits can be a challenge. Two terms often thrown around are "broker" and "consultant," but what's the difference, and how does it impact your business?


The Broker vs. Consultant Conundrum

In the video above, Donovan Ryckis, CEO of Ethos Benefits, sheds light on this topic. He acknowledges the lack of standardized titles within the insurance industry, with "broker," "agent," "advisor," and "consultant" all vying for space. However, Ethos Benefits firmly identifies as an employee benefits consultant, and here's why that distinction matters.


The Broker Mindset: Selling vs. Solving

Traditionally, brokers are seen as salespeople focused on placing your company with specific insurance carriers. The concern? Their compensation often hinges on a percentage of the premium you pay. This creates an inherent conflict of interest: a higher premium translates to a bigger paycheck for the broker, not necessarily a better outcome for your company.


The Consultant Approach: Transparency and Long-Term Vision

Ethos Benefits believes in a consultative approach. Our focus is on understanding your company's unique healthcare challenges and crafting solutions that optimize your benefits program over the long term, not just the next renewal period. Transparency is key: you'll always be aware of exactly what you're paying for our expertise, eliminating the hidden fees often associated with brokers.


Finding the Right Fit

So, how do you know if you're working with a broker or a consultant? A red flag is a lack of clarity around their compensation structure. A true consultant will be upfront about their fees, allowing you to make informed decisions based on value, not hidden agendas.


Ethos Benefits: A Transparent Partner

At Ethos Benefits, we believe in building trust through transparency. Our focus is on becoming a valued partner – one that understands your specific needs and guides you toward a healthier, more sustainable future for your employee benefits program.


Ready to ditch the confusion and embrace true partnership? Ethos Benefits can help you navigate the complexities of employee benefits with a clear, straightforward approach. Reach out to us HERE!

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